History :

EXPERTS MARITIMES FRANÇOIS (EMF) has been founded in 1999 by André François (re),  Register Expert Transport Goederen (Marine Surveys), registered since 1994 at the Foundation Nederlands Instituut van Register Experts NIVRE (www.nivre.nl).

Active as marine surveyor with various well known Marine Survey Bureaus in the Netherlands since 1979.

After having been the founder and leader of EMF for over 20 years a new generation decided to enter the company. His son Jean-Jacques François decided to continue the family business.

This was not decided overnight, but well considered.


Let me give you the honour of introducing myself.

It is a great honour to be the new generation of a family company which laid its foundation in 1973 in inspecting transport damage in the maritime sector, such as cargo of cocoa, fruit and vegetables and even exotic cargo.  For many years we are the trusted eye for large organizations such as Delmas (CMA CGM) Hapag Lloyd etc. etc.  Over the years, EMF also specialized in air freight and road transport which gave the company opportunities to grow even bigger

As a surveyor it is essential that you know a lot about products and the ways of transportation.
After traveling the world for many years I made my entry at EMF in the sector Mediation.
This because it was well in line with my graduate management, psychology and mediation.
It intrigued me because between different parties it is essential to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly.

As a marine mediation surveyor it was great challenge that I accepted with a lot of passion.  Mediation is very important and it is great to be part of the process and too see  parties who are directly opposite of each other find a solution, that each party can agree on.

It is dynamic because a lot will change in the near future and will change face to face in screen Communication.

After years of intensive work at EMF and to have experienced many sectors in the industry a little will change, EMF has always proven to be dynamic and to keep up with the change.  Of course, the quality and quantity will remain as high as it has been in the past 45 years.  In addition to my responsible position, I will also remain a Marine surveyor to be part of the industry and know what is going on.

Personally, I find it special that I, as the son of founder André François, may continue the Family business.