1. Survey and inspection work in relation to alleged damage to transported goods on behalf of Ocean Carriers, Forwarders and/or their Insurers and Average Agents representing Carriers or Owners of the Cargo.
  2. Assessment of the extent of damage and investigation as to the cause of damage occurred during Airfreight, Sea and/or Road Carriage.
  3. Damage investigations on board vessels, (reefer) trailers, all kinds of containers with respect to refrigeration, ventilation and stowage.
  4. Inspection of goods such as timber, steel, perishables like fruits, plants, flowers, tropical produce like coffee, cocoa and spices.
  5. Loading and discharge surveys. Outturn verification (tally).
  6. Inspection as to the condition of cargo and/or cargo holds or containers/trailers prior to loading or discharge (hatch surveys)
  7. Supervision during loading and discharge with advise and statements in relation to packing and lashing, completed with photos.
  8. Consulting and advice in relation to risk – and claim prevention.
  9. Technical inspections of trailers, containers, agricultural machinery in relation to plate verification for approval for issue of export documents and L/C or in relation to damage (machinery breakdown). photos
  10. Consultancy and mediation related to the transportation industry.